Split Rail Fence

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A Split Rail Fencing is an Elegant & Functional Solution for Your Property.

Split rail fencing is an excellent way to add an aesthetically pleasing border or enclosure to any property. It is a classic and timeless look, often used on farms and ranches but also perfect for suburban homes. Craftsman split rail fencing provides a natural beauty while still providing security for your property.

Split rail fencing is easy to install and very cost effective. It requires minimal maintenance and can last for years if properly maintained.

The rails are made from cedar, pine, or hardwood, and the posts come in various sizes to fit your needs. With different styles such as traditional three-rail fences or contemporary two-rail designs, you have many options to choose from to customize your look.

Split rail fencing is the perfect solution for any property looking for a sturdy and attractive addition. The timeless look adds character while keeping your pets, children, or livestock safe and secure on your land.

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“Excellent work done by the team. The job was completed quickly and I will use them for future needs.”
Luke Fuhrman

“Wonderful experience working with J&J. They were professional and in constant communication with the project.

Stacy Gallogly

“Excellent job at a reasonable price! The men were quick, professional, and complete. Highly recommend”
Edward Campbell

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