Fence Repair

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Is your fence in need of repair?

The fence doesn’t look so good. Maybe you should replace it? But did ya know that some common issues with fences are fixable by just repairing them instead of replacing the whole thing! It’ll be cheaper in the long run and your investment will last longer too: years rather than decades like most people expect when they build new fences these days. A little work now could save big headaches later down the line.

The durability of a fence is crucial to its success. But don’t worry, we’ll be able fix any damage quickly and efficiently so that your wood, vinyl or metal fencing will look as good now as it did when first installed!

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Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fences come in all different shapes and sizes, but they’re not indestructible. That’s why it is possible to replace just the broken slats or rails for your fence on site instead of having an entirely new one installed- making your fence look like new again with only minor adjustments!

Wood Fence Repair

If you have a wooden fence, then it’s inevitable that some parts of the structure will become damaged over time. Failing posts and backrails can lead to rot which loosens up nails or makes them fall out entirely! What this means for homeowners who want their fences fixed- instead of replacing an entire redesigned installation altogether (which would be costly), we recommend simply installing new pieces where necessary so everything stays in working order at all times. The key takeaway: When dealing with damage on your property there is no need replace everything; only those fixtures identified as needing updating.

Chainlink Fence Repair

When your fence gets bent, it can make for an eyesore. While we’re on the job site our team will remove any crooked rails and replace them with new ones so that you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around in yours or neighbor’s yards! We also offer services if there are holes cut through mesh fencing fabrics–we’ll fix this problem fast before anything worse happens.

Aluminum Fence Repair

The aluminum fencing is a sturdy material but it does get damaged from time to time. Maybe the gate doesn’t swing freely anymore, no problem we can change hinges or latches on them! Post has shifted? Let us steady those posts by setting in new concrete if necessary. Is it stained or grimy? Good news, you can wash it.

Loose Gates

We are experts when it comes to fixing your gate! No matter what type of damage you’ve experienced, we can help. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up your gate only for a part or all hinges to be broken – luckily this is something that our team specializes in correcting quickly and efficiently so don’t hesitate to call today.

Damaged Fence Posts

Your fence is like a horse that you can’t just let go of. You have to work on it periodically or else the quality will never be there again- no matter how much damage may already exist! The best thing for your fencing needs is new posts, which we’ll put in place when necessary so nothing becomes leaning too far forward (or backward). And if any other parts need replacing due to their rotted state? No problem–we’ve got those covered as well!.

Client Testimonials

“J & J Fencing came to my house to give me a quote for a fence. They had the best price for what I wanted. I scheduled them to come and they were there that day. I would recommend them. The whole process was extremely professional and efficient.”
Michael Averbach

“J & J Fencing did a great job providing our family with the privacy we were looking for. Estimate and completion of the work was done within a week and the quality is outstanding. I would 100% recommend J & J Fencing for any work you might have in the future.”
Rakesh Singh

“Pablo is exceptionally professional along with his team Juan senior and Jr! Great work, gorgeous fence. I had a few questions he was very attentive and addressed right away. Very reasonably priced too! Don’t hesitate for a second to use his company!”
Gina Andreano

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