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Dog Hotel @ New Hampton New York

Oct 17, 2023 | Chain Link Fence, Recent Projects, Vinyl Fence

We (J&J Fencing LLC) are pleased to announce the completion of a remarkable project at a renowned dog hotel. Our esteemed client placed their trust in us to design and construct a cutting-edge facility that prioritizes the utmost comfort and safety for our beloved furry guests. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously followed the client’s precise requirements, skillfully fashioning personalized rooms that allow dogs to engage in play while maintaining separate spaces for their security. Moreover, we integrated a generously-sized playground area, providing our four-legged companions with ample opportunity to frolic and revel in pure delight. To create a sense of aesthetic appeal and functional division, we expertly employed top-tier white vinyl, arranged with meticulous precision. And for the front portion of each room, we selected a resilient chain link fence, ensuring both security and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Reach out to us for your future ventures, as our project manager boasts over two decades of experience in fence installation.